Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars will be continuing our mission of providing scholarships to AHS graduates in 2023.  In May of 2023 we awarded scholarships to 50 AHS Seniors, amounting to $64,735. In addition, we awarded six, $1,000 Gobbler Renewable Scholarships to AHS postgraduates continuing their secondary education.  Please click on the Donate now button if you would like to donate.  For a complete listing of our scholarships, please click on the About Us page and then click on Scholarships.

We Help Our Community's Students Succeed Through Scholarships

Dear AHS Friends and Friends of Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars:

Welcome to the Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars web page.  We would like to give you an introduction to the Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars (ADFS). 

We were formed in 1982 with the sole purpose to award scholarships to any Aitkin High School senior going on to any post-secondary institution who submits a completed application.  The Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars is a member of the national organization, Scholarship America which allows certain select Educational Institutions to match all or part of an Aitkin DFS Scholarship.  Scholarship America also provides the ADFS It's Tax-Exempt status among other benefits.  Scholarship America was founded by Dr. E. Fredkin with the simple yet powerful idea that if every member of a community donated just $1.00 to a community scholarship fund, each of those community's students would be able to receive a scholarship.  The Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors has adopted this stance which we use to award our AHS Scholarships.  Even though we are a member of Scholarship America, the volunteer Aitkin DFS Board of Directors is responsible for raising all of the scholarship funds, awarding the scholarships and all other related activities.  Our Board members are Ross Wagner, Vicki Wagner, Bob Lake, Kristi Sandberg, Steve Wilson, Dorothy Host and Meredith Sander.

To qualify for our scholarships, students must fill out a detailed application with information that includes their school activities including, GPA, volunteer activities and other pertinent information.  The applications are scored and matched to the scholarships that are awarded.  We raise funds for the scholarships from our partners, that include area businesses and organizations, a mail-a-thon, individuals who desire to offer a scholarship, and memorials sponsored by loved ones and family members. 

ADFS, in a typical year, will award around 65 scholarships to approximately 60 students totaling in the area of $60,000.00. The minimum each student who fills out a complete application will receive is $650.00 with other scholarships worth more.  We do have one scholarship that is not given to AHS senior class members.  It is the Aitkin Gobbler Renewable Scholarship.  This scholarship is for AHS Alumni that are continuing to pursue a post-secondary education.  In 2022, Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars awarded six $1,000.00 Gobbler Renewable Scholarships to AHS graduates.

For Students who been awarded a Scholarship from the Aitkin Area Dollars for Scholars® but have not yet activated it.

  • Students may activate their scholarships once they have completed at least one semester, are enrolled in another and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.  Students have 3 years meet the qualifications to activate their scholarships.
  • Once a student meets the qualifications to activate their scholarship they can send or email appropriate documentation to Ross Wagner and a check will be sent directly to the students school in his or her name.
  • Contact Ross Wagner at 218-927-7061 or  or Aitkin Dollars for Scholars, PO Box 19, Aitkin, MN 56431

Aitkin Gobbler Renewable Scholarships of $1,000.00 will once again available and will be granted to AHS graduates.

  • Contact Ross Wagner at or 218-927-7061 for instructions and application material.
  • AHS Students who graduated in 2022 or prior are eligible.
  • Criteria for the scholarships is students must be enrolled full-time in a post secondary educational institution and maintain a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • Six, $1,000.00 Scholarships for any eligible AHS graduate are available, scholarships are for one year and are for $1,000.00.  Student can apply for the scholarship each year they are eligible.
  • Scholarships will be announced at the 2023 Awards Banquet.
  • The applications are available and due April 14, 2023, contact Ross Wagner at or 218-927-7061.